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BBQ Academy - group events

Come and grill with us – at Weber® Grill Academy Original

Do you like grilling but you simply are not confident enough to make certain meals? Do you have a new grill and feel you need to improve your grilling skills? Do you want to learn various tips and tricks how to make grilling easier and bring it to perfection? If your answer to at least one question is yes, do not hesitate and come and grill with us.

Weber® Grill Academy Original that is held in the Czech Republic belongs to the biggest network of grilling schools in the world. The same way as here, people at more than one hundred places in fourteen countries of the world learn to use the grill. Under the supervision of the chefs that are really very skilled in using the grill, the participants learn various grilling methods used on the charcoal, gas and electricity equipment. You are rid of prejudice and fallacies, the grilling becomes a true gastronomic discipline and the grill becomes an all-purpose helpmate.

During our four-hour course of Weber Grill Academy Original, the participants under the supervision of the chefs David Izák and Robert Foukal prepare a complete menu – a starter, 2 main dishes with a side-dish and a dessert. Quality ingredients and first-class equipment Weber® is at their disposal. They can try several types of grills and a lot of accessories – for example a rapidfire chimney for incandescence of the fuelling, the brand new natural briquettes that last up to three hours, or the multi-purpose components of the Gourmet BBQ system the substance of which is a grilling gridiron with exchangeable centre. Everybody will not only eat well but also learn many new things and enjoy a great afternoon or evening.

Come and gain lots of inspiration and learn new skills with us! Your relatives and friends will appreciate it at your home grilling parties.

Introducing chefs of the Academy


David Izák



Robert Foukal



Beginning of the course at 5 p.m. 
The course takes 4 hours

Price 40 000,- CZK  /  MAX. 15 persons
Account: ČSOB 274417380/0300

payment and cancelation conditions

By sending a binding order the client agrees to the payment and cancellation conditions of the organizer.

The organizer will immediately send an invoice by e-mail, the invoice for an advanced payment must be paid within the due term, i.e. 4 working days before the event at the latest.

The client will receive an orderly invoice after the event in compliance with the current tax regulations.

Your place at the event will be booked as soon as the participant's fee will be paid.

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If you cancel the booking less than 10 working days before the event, we will charge 100 % of the total cost.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event in the following cases:

The minimum number of participants has not been reached. This number is stated for each event.  

The lecturer is not be able to organize management of the event for his/her incapacity for work or other substantial impediments.

In case the event is cancelled by the organizer, the client will be immediately informed about this fact and the paid amount will be returned to the client's account within 10 working days.

By payment of the fee the client agrees to pertinent publishing of photographs and videos from the event at (not only) the website of the Restaurant Pod Zámkem Průhonice and at its social media channels, the press etc.