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Introduction of the Chef

Jan Pýcha born 1st August 1961 in Prague

Educated as a cook in Interhotel Ambasador and the Palace Hotel in Prague.

He started his apprenticeship in 1979 and graduated the school by completing his final exams in secondary education in 1981

Holder of prestigious award – Gold medal of Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová – from AKC ČR (Association of chefs and pastry chefs of Czech Republic) for promotion and presentation of modern Czech gastronomy at home and abroad.

Permanent member of boards at cooking competitions.

Stálý člen soutěžních kuchařských komisí

Lector of Culinary Academy under patronage of E.U. 

Chef in TV serial with current Discovery star fisherman Jakub Vágner ‘S Jakubem na rybách´.

Chief lector of Weber Grill Academy .



1981 – 1983 Basic military service with Tank batalion at the position of cook, cooking for 1200 up to 2500 solders.

1983 – 1984 Chef specialist in French Restaurant in Hotel Ambassador Prague

1984 – 1986 Chef in ‚Ruska jizba‘ restaurant in Průhonice and short term trainee-ship in Georgia.

1986 – 1987 Sous Chef in ‚Bruselsky pavilon Expo 58‘ in Prague

1987 – 1989 Chef of cold cuisine in Hotel International Prague

1989 – 1991 Chef of Restaurant Castle Prague Tokyo in Japan and trainee-ship in South Korea and Singapore

1991 – 1995 Chef in Hotel International Prague

1996 Chef of prestigious Prague restaurant Flambéé

1997 – 2003 Co-owner of the prestigious fish restaurant ‘Rybí trh‘ in Prague. Trainee-ship with French gastronome Patric Pagése, studies of French wine courses.

From 2003 Owner and Chef of Restaurant Pod Zámkem in Průhonice, awarded with the highest amount of three lions for restaurant quality in Middle Bohemia district.

1985 - 2006 member of the chefs team at the Prague castle securing state and presidential receptions, dinners and other events for Czech presidents and governments of Czechoslovakia and later on Czech republic.

1991 – 1998 Chairman of Prague and Middle Bohemian branch of Association of chefs and pastry chefs of Czech Republic

Promotion in person of Czech cuisine abroad:
2007 in Belgium and France
2009 in Honk Kong
2010 – 13 Moldavia
2011 South Africa World Chefs Tour Against Hunger 2011

Achieved awards and medals:
1993 Bronze medal from World cup IGEHO in Basel
1994 Bronze and silver medal from World cup EXPOGAST in Luxemburg
1995 Gold silver and bronz medals form Cook Olympiad IKA in Berlin
2012 Highest award of Czech Association of chefs and pastry chefs - Golden cross